Water & Utilities

ORA has plenty of varied experience working with water and utilities projects from levees to water tanks to substations. We have worked with many government agencies such as Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle City Light, King County, Renton Public Utilities, and more.

We often team with agencies like Parametrix, Anchor QEA, and Grey & Osborne to accomplish complex projects with tight timelines.

Scroll below to see some of our recent transportation and roadway work.

Water and public utilities projects can start simple and quickly turn into complex, layered projects. ORA’s approach allows us to adapt and problem solve in real time with the project team to keep the project moving forward.

Denny Substation

Seattle, WA // 2017

This $210 million project involved construction of a new substation to house equipment to improve the electrical grid in the South Lake Union area, prepare for and support new development, and provide community space. 

Kennydale Reservoir

Renton, WA // 2020

This $6 million project involved construction of a new welded steel potable water storage facility, which included construction of a 50-foot diameter, 1.29-MG welded steel reservoir (standpipe) at a height of 98 feet and with an overflow elevation of 308 feet. 

Morse Lake Pump Plant

North Bend, WA // 2017

This $28.4 million project replaced two 35-year-old pump stations on barges with a single floating station capable of pumping 240 million gallons of water a day using ballasted the submerged pipelines to be neutrally buoyant and align with the platform over a range of water elevations and environmental conditions.  

Rainier Valley Wet Weather Storage Project

Seattle, WA // 2018

This facility was built to keep sewage and stormwater out of the Duwamish River. A new sewer pipe was installed near the intersection of Rainier Avenue South and South Bayview Street to send sewage and stormwater from a pipe that gets full during storms to another pipe that has more room.

Lower Russell Levee Setback

Kent, WA // 2023

This 1.4-mile-long levee improvement project will replace an old levee and revetment that do not meet current engineering design standards. The new levee will be set back from the Green River where feasible and better protect residential and commercial development behind the levee, while also improving riparian and aquatic habitat along the Green River for fish and wildlife.

“Finally, I’d like to thank you all- from Dispatch to the technicians and testers, for your service and assistance to the Project these last few months.”

Jesse N., Parametrix

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