Are You Ready for Inspection?

What information do I need to set up a new project?

  • Project name
  • Project address
  • Permit number
  • Scope of inspections

Ready to start a new project with ORA? Click the button to be taken to our online form:

  • Client contact information
  • Engineer contact information
  • Contractor contact information

I have a letter from the building department that requires your name, information, or signature. Who should I send it to?

Please email the letter to our customer service team: and they will get it to the right person.

My project has been set up in your system, what are the next steps?

Our customer service team will let you know any steps you need to take after the project has been added to our system. This could include additional information that they need to complete the set up, any required accounting paperwork, and how to reach our dispatch team.

My project is already setup, is starting, and we are ready to schedule our inspection!

Great news! Our dispatch team is ready to get you on the schedule. All next day schedules are completed by 2:30pm so we can get them assigned to our inspectors. For this reason, our dispatch team requests that you provide us with 48 business hours’ notice for all inspections, whenever possible.

Click the button to be taken to our online schedule form:

What does your inspector need in order to perform inspections?

Always have the appropriate jurisdiction approved plans (stamped, intact with attachments) and permit documents on site for each inspection. Additionally, if there are any RFIs, engineer emails, or other documents our inspectors will need for inspections – make sure there is a copy accessible for the inspectors onsite.

We are happy to have a copy of these documents in our office as well, but in most cases, we do not need an office copy.

I have questions about a specific service or inspection. Who should I contact?

We understand that special inspections can be confusing. You can view a list of our services here. We also have a few informational pages on additional testing that we offer including nondestructive testing of welds, subsurface interface radar (locating), and geotechnical engineering. If you still haven’t found what you need, send an email to our customer service team: and they’ll have one of our project managers get back to you.

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