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Transportation & Roadway Projects

ORA has worked on many Transportation and Roadway projects like highways, bridges, abutments and smaller road repairs. We have worked with many local city and county governments, Sound Transit, WSDOT and more.

Scroll below to see some of our recent transportation and roadway work.

Transportation and roadway projects have many obstacles. Often they need to be completed when people aren’t on the road, or during specific road closure times. ORA can accommodate even complex night scheduling with enough notice.

East Link Light Rail Project (E360 Segment)

Bellevue to Redmond, WA // 2022

This $225 million project involves construction of a 1.8-mile line stretching from East Bellevue to the main Microsoft campus in Redmond. The includes aerial guideways, two new platform stations, two pedestrian bridges, and a 300-vehicle parking garage.

Tacoma Trestle Track and Signal Project

Tacoma, WA // 2017

This $160 million project involved replacement of an existing single-track, 1,625-foot-long wooden train trestle between East C Street and Tacoma Rail Junction rail corridor with a new double-track train bridge and modifying the railroad signals, improving safety and maintenance.

SR 410 Traffic Avenue Interchange

Sumner, WA // 2020

This $17 million project involved reconfiguring two intersections and adding travel lanes plus multi-modal lanes across SR 410 to streamline the movement of vehicles, freight, pedestrians and bicycles safely and efficiently while encouraging ridership on Sound Transit and support for South Sound businesses.

East Link Light Rail I-90 (E130)

Seattle to Mercer Island, WA // 2022

This project involves the construction of approximately seven miles of light rail transit construction from the International District Station along the D2 roadway and the existing I-90 center roadway to the interface with E320 in South Bellevue.

Operations and Maintenance Facility East M200

Bellevue, WA // 2022

The Operations and Maintenance Facility Project is part of the ST2 Plan and is needed to store, maintain and deploy the vehicles associated with the expanding light rail service as the system expands from 16 to 50 miles by 2023.

“Although we make our best effort to give as much advanced notice as possible, when we did not, Dispatch worked with us to make it happen for both parties.”

Lenny M., Abbott Construction

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