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Housing & Mixed Use Projects

ORA has extensive history working on housing and mixed-use projects. Housing projects include everything from senior housing to affordable housing to luxury condominiums & apartments. Mixed-use is any large scale building that will have several different purposes – typically housing/office space over retail/commercial spaces.

Scroll below to see some of our recent housing and mixed use work.

Housing and mixed use projects come with their own set of challenges. Often these projects are on a strict schedule, and require a resident inspector who can oversee inspections & testing throughout the project. ORA has several experienced lead inspectors who can take on this daunting task and ensure your project is completed on time.

Mercy Othello Plaza

Seattle, WA // 2017

This $35 million project involved construction of a new six-story, 125,000-square-foot mixed-use complex.

Village at Totem Lake

Kirkland, WA // 2021

This 400,000 square foot re-development features high end residential, luxury shopping and extravagant dining experiences.

Yesler Terrace Block 3

Seattle, WA // 2019

Yesler Terrace Block 3 (Cypress Apartments) is a mixed-use development in Seattle, WA that consists of a concrete podium, 5 levels of wood frame, totaling 746 residential units

O2 Apartments

Seattle, WA // 2018

This $48 million project involved construction of a twelve-story mixed-use structure that has 132 residential apartment units above street-level retail, with below-grade parking for 73 vehicles

Tukwila Village Senior Living

Tukwila, WA // 2018

This expansive project involved two senior apartment buildings built in a mixed-use neighborhood which includes 193 senior apartments, offices, retail, and the headquarters of the Senior Housing Assistance Group.

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