Veterans Affairs Hospital MRI Addition

Overlake Medical Office Building and Parking Garage
April 28, 2017
Veterans Affairs B100 Emergency Room Expansion
April 27, 2017
Location: Seattle, Washington

This project involved geotechnical engineering study for an MRI addition consisting of a two-story structure. ORA was engaged to evaluate the overall subsurface soil and groundwater conditions at the location of the proposed building. Our scope of work included a site reconnaissance, a review of geologic literature, drilling of two borings, and preparation of a geotechnical design report.

The following geotechnical engineering services were performed:
  • Retain a utility locating contractor to evaluate the locations of the proposed explorations,
  • Complete subsurface explorations to evaluate the subsurface soil and groundwater conditions
  • Develop logs of the observed soil and groundwater during the exploratory drilling
  • Perform testing on selected samples in our laboratory (sieve analyses, moisture contents as appropriate),
  • Develop seismic design considerations including liquefaction potential
  • Develop recommendations for suitable foundation systems with estimated settlements
  • Provide an estimate of the allowable bearing capacity for the design of shallow foundations, if appropriate
  • Develop recommendations for the design of deep foundation, if appropriate
  • Provide an estimate of lateral earth pressures and friction coefficients for the design of below-grade walls and retaining walls
  • Provide an evaluation of the influence of groundwater on the proposed structure and construction, and
  • Develop site preparation and earthwork recommendations