Tacoma Community College Health Careers Center

New Business School Building – PACCAR Hall
April 27, 2017
UW Tacoma Phase 3
April 27, 2017
Location: Tacoma, Washington

This project involved a geotechnical engineering study for a proposed three-story, reinforced concrete building with a steel-framed roof. ORA was engaged to determine the engineering properties of the subsurface soils at this site and to provide recommendations for design of the foundations and earthwork. The exploration program included five test borings, installation of two groundwater wells, and laboratory testing.

ORA prepared a geotechnical report to provide recommendations for:
  • Seismic design considerations including liquefaction potential
  • Suitable foundation systems with estimated settlements
  • Temporary shoring systems including temporary tied back, soldier pile and lagging systems
  • Allowable bearing capacity for conventional spread footings
  • Soil improvement recommendations, if applicable
  • Deep foundation systems recommendations, if applicable (e.g. piles)
  • Lateral earth pressures and friction coefficients for temporary and permanent walls under static and seismic loading conditions
  • Stability of the site slopes
  • Floor slab design, including subsurface drainage, and subgrade modulus
  • Influence of groundwater on the development including wall drainage
  • Site preparation and earthwork