Aircraft Fueling System

Port Pedestrian Bridge to Airport Station
April 27, 2017
Pierce County Terminal Building
April 27, 2017
Location: SeaTac, Washington
ORA provided testing and inspection for all pipeline welding to include:
  • Review of weld procedure specifications and assured production compliance
  • Monitoring of in-process welds, review and acceptance of radiographic tests
  • Monitoring of pressure and leak tests
  • Preparation of weld maps by interfacing with Port of Seattle surveyors
  • Assured compliance with cathodic protection design
  • Tracking and logging of all welds
  • Tracking and monitoring of all repairs to new fuel line
  • Observation of holiday tests of coatings and coating of bare pipe and fittings in CVP vaults
  • Assist Port of Seattle inspectors with site close out, by coordinating operations inspections
  • 100% visual weld inspections prior to turning over to contractor’s radiographic inspectors