Construction Inspectors in Puget Sound, WA

If you need construction inspection in Seattle, WA, turn to Otto Rosenau & Associates, Inc., for assistance with your project from start to finish.

Also Serving Seattle, WA and Surrounding Areas

Whether your project involves residential, commercial, or industrial construction, ensuring that the site is up to safety standards and construction regulations is important. A professional construction inspection can ensure that the site is both safe for workers and the construction’s future occupants and users.

With the expertise of the team at Otto Rosenau & Associates, Inc., you can ensure safety and address issues with construction before they become costly and time-consuming problems. Our construction inspections include looking out for the following issues:

  • Improper grading
  • Foundational defects
  • Framing issues
  • Steel fabrication defects
  • Issues with bolting, welding, and screw attachments
  • Masonry problems
  • Lack of fireproofing

Not only can slight mistakes in these areas degrade your final product but can also create hazards for your project both now and in the future. Avoid such concerns when you hire Otto Rosenau & Associates, Inc., to provide timely construction inspections.

Manage All Necessary Inspections With the Same Company

At Otto Rosenau & Associates, Inc., we not only provide structural inspections but also geotechnical engineering and materials testing. Get your project started off on the right foot with our help.

We offer tests for soil quality and compaction in the earliest stages of your project development to ensure that the surrounding area won’t have issues with erosion, saturation, or shifting. We have the expertise to ensure that your foundation is firm.

We also offer non-destructive material testing to ensure that your materials are up to industry standards. We specialize in steel, brick, asphalt, concrete, and masonry testing and can catch defects or faults before you start building.

If you need materials testing or soil and construction inspection in Seattle, WA, call Otto Rosenau & Associates, Inc., at 206.725.4600. No matter the size or scale of your project, we can ensure its successful construction.