Judi Payseno

Judi Rosenau-Payseno has been involved with the operations of ORA for 22 years. As owner and principal officer of the company, Judi is intimately involved with the daily activities of the company, and controls the management of the day to day operations of the business. These include setting corporate policy, company direction and scope, purchasing decisions, supervising field operations, hiring and firing of personnel, and designating how profits will be spent. She also handles ORA’s general ledger and payroll, including month and year end closings.

Judi is the NWCEL’s representative on the WABO Special Inspection Registration Program and is an active voice on this board that guides the future of special inspection services.

Susan Moser

As an owner and officer of ORA for 25 years, Susan Rosenau-Moser shares in the management of the day-to-day operations of the business. These include setting policy on company direction and scope, purchasing decisions, marketing and sales, supervising field operations, and designating how profits are spent. She routinely tracks inspection and testing activities and prepares formal correspondence.

Susan’s years with the company have given her extensive knowledge about the construction industry. She deals with architects, engineers, and general contractors on a daily basis and manages the scheduling of the field personnel. She also works closely with our Resident Inspectors on large, complex projects in tracking all required inspections to assure compliance with the code and city requirements as well as handling the preparation and distribution of inspection reports as required by the code.